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I am a dedicated IT Leader with a laser focus on fostering team growth and driving business relationships based on respect, trust, and loyalty. My approach revolves around clarity and support, empowering teams to reach their fullest potential while nurturing profitable business alliances.

With an affable sense of humor and an intuitive understanding of people, my leadership style is characterized by my ability to bring out the best in everyone, inspiring pride and galvanizing the team.

I build robust and well-balanced teams by emphasizing solutions over problems and taking total responsibility. This allows us to achieve premier results and deliver IT services that align with institutional objectives and fuel the changes that propel us into the future.

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    English, Romanian, Spanish, French
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    Programming, Fitness, Photography, Soccer, Muay-Thai, Tennis, Mud-Runs
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I am also a seasoned professional photographer, proudly serving the Gainesville area. To discover more about my work in headshots, portraits, and landscape photography, I invite you to explore the websites listed below:

PhototaleStudio ArsPhotographics



Director of Information Technology Services @Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida

January 2020 to present time

  • Led the application development team for Santa Fe College
  • Managed efforts of re-writing legacy applications (EGL, VG, JSP) using modern development stack (Java Spring Boot and Angular)
Director of Technology @City of Gainesville, Gainesville, Florida

July 2018 to January 2020

  • Coordinated and/or managed the implementation of various technology related City projects (both infrastructure and software-related), coordinating shared resources, prioritizing tasks, and defining timelines
  • Met with various stakeholders and City departments to assess their complex business needs, provide technical solutions to their problems, and make recommendations
  • Assisted City departments in defining technical specifications for implementing new software solutions within the City
  • Defined integration strategies between various software products used by City departments
  • Defined and refined IT Policies and established IT governance processes for the City
  • Collaborated with strategic partners (such as UF and local business entities) to deliver new services to the City and fostered mutually beneficial relationships
  • Lead City wide efforts of implementing a new ERP (Workday) handling the City’s HR, Finance, Risk Management, and Learning
  • Provided technical expertise regarding data migration and integration of various existing software systems to/with the new ERP system
  • Build and manage the ERP, Smart City, and Business Application Support teams
  • Defined the strategic roadmap for the City in regard to technology and enterprise software 
  • Provided support and direction to various departments in regard to IT strategy, vendor and product evaluation, and integration with existing systems
  • Provided technical evaluations of various ERP and specialized cloud software products needed across the City in various departments
  • Negotiated SLAs with service providers and negotiate with third-party software vendors
  • Identified, defined, and projected budget needs for the department
  • Provided leadership and a coherent strategy for the Technology department
  • Defined and proposed technology-related capital improvement projects for the City mapping to City’s strategic framework
  • Recruited new talent for the Technology Department and assisted other departments in identifying and evaluating technical resources for their departments
  • Managed day-to-day staff-related issues, including leave and absence management, conflict resolution, training, and certifications, approving staff timesheets, performance evaluations, merit increases
Associate Director IT @University of Florida, Student Affairs, Gainesville

2011 to July 2018

  • Managed cross-functional teams, aligned interests and goals, and developed roadmaps
  • Defined strategies and set clear timelines for developing, testing, and launching new applications while transitioning from a 20+ years old the legacy system
  • Effectively managed concurrent projects with diverging timelines and interdependencies, set milestones, and defined deliverables
  • Kept track of team progress, re-allocated resources as needed, managed priorities, and coordinated tasks in order to meet deadlines
  • Influenced key stakeholders and senior management to achieve alignment with strategic goals
  • Provided technical expertise to other team members
  • Lead the efforts in implementing the ETL processes for moving data from the legacy system (AS 400) to Oracle
  • Managed the Application Development Team at Student Affairs IT, comprising 10+ employees, including application developers, database administrators, business and data analysts
  • Served as the service owner/lead for the revenue-generating YCRS (Youth Conference Registration Software, in-house developed SaaS product) and led the licensing efforts to external entities. Architected SaaS environment, set up “Service Level Agreements” and “Maintenance Contracts”, delivered customization estimates based on customer requirements and needs, devised implementation plans, and maintained constant communication with the customers. Mediated between various entities within UF and other universities’ IT Departments to get the product delivered and configured.
  • Mapped business workflows and processes, identified inefficiencies and bottlenecks, developed improvements and performance enhancements, re-architected old business processes into new, more efficient flows
  • Mediated and maintained clear communication with SMEs and stakeholders, led group discussions, negotiated and resolved differences, performed LEAN process analysis
  • Tracked team members’ progress toward defined goals, set task priorities and deadlines and developed the roadmap for implementing new modules and systems
  • Managed the talent pool, motivated and counseled team members, managed conflict, performed performance evaluations, hired new talent
  • Worked with UFSA IT leadership and Gartner toward the adoption and implementation of ITSM process management
  • Provided software solutions and technology to support mission-critical applications and service business goals at the division level (Division of Student Affairs), including integrated modular business applications, data services, and enterprise reporting, focusing on user experience and end-user business needs
  • Assisted other units within the division and across UF in accessing pertinent resident data and custom resident-related live reports and analytics developed using Oracle Apex
  • Made  system architecture decisions that best aligned with our traffic patterns, security needs, and performance thresholds
Software Developer, Lead @LifeSouth, Gainesville, Florida


  • Developed, designed, and implemented core modules of IBBIS (Integrated Blood Banking Information Services), an FDA-approved (510K) in-house software system, in a highly regulated industry, using Oracle (10-11g r2), PL/SQL, MFC, C++, OCCI, Java Tapestry and php.
  • Designed, modeled, and architected new Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Designed, maintained, and upgraded a master replication/synchronization mechanism using Oracle materialized views for over tens of fixed sites and 100 mobile stations
  • Provided training for new developers joining the team, managed conflict resolution within the team, aligned visions and goals for team members
  • Developed coding standards and best practices
  • Assisted management in the general system architecture decision-making process by providing insights on the appropriate technology and products to be used while providing maximum efficiency, scalability and stability
  • Implemented web-based reports and analytics
  • Implemented, upgraded, and maintained document imaging and storing solutions using Windows services and EMC Centera and CAS programming
  • Developed Windows dialog-based applications, wizards, controls, and services using MFC and C++
  • Maintained, upgraded, and resolved defects for the legacy codebase
  • Designed and implemented interfaces for accessing  legacy data and integrating with newly developed software
  • Provided support for QA, Validation, and Training teams
  • Implemented deployment packages for system-wide software upgrades
  • Interacted with end users to gather feedback and new requirements; analyzed current workflow for potential improvements and new development opportunities
  • Participated in code reviews
  • Database unit testing using SQLUnit
  • General PL/SQL Development( packages, functions, procedures, triggers, views, materialized views, Oracle queues, dynamic SQL, scheduled jobs)
  • Requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Version control ( ClearCase, Git ), Defect Tracking ( ClearQuest )
  • RUP (Rational Unified Process)
Teaching & Research Assistant @University of Florida, Gainesville


  • Taught  JAVA programming labs
  • Designed and graded homework, projects, and exams for JAVA and Database courses
  • As an RA for the Database Center, I have been a part of the SEEK project, a toolkit for enabling rapid connection to and extraction of data from heterogeneous information sources. Built a query translator prototype using JAVA and Oracle
Database Administrator @British American Tobacco, Bucharest, Romania


  • Administered British American Tobaccos Oracle Database(s) ( Oracle 9i, Oracle 8 )
  • Designed, and implemented daily ETL processes to populate the data warehouse
  • Designed and implemented ETL scripts for pulling/pushing data from/to handheld devices in order to synchronize with the main production database, generating sale routes. Perform on the fly data cleaning and correction.
  • Analyzed and tuned the performance of database queries and views
  • Implemented enterprise-level reports using Business Objects (currently Oracle BI)
  • Analyzed and improved system performance


University of Florida


Masters of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Below is a summary of my skills.


Team Development

Process Mapping and Improvement

Project Management

Business Analysis

Strategic Planning

Negotiating and Resolving Differences

Team Building

Vendor Management




Database Design
Solution Architecture
Business Analysis
Cloud Services
Dynamo DB
Slim PHP
Phalcon PHP
Software Integrations
Social Media Integration
Portrait Photography
Landscape Photography
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Completed Projects


Housing Management System

A software application that replaced a 20+-year-old legacy system, with over 90+ modules and more than 500 web pages and over 100 interactive reports, the core of the housing operation. Including billing, payment processing, mobile components, housing inventory management, assignment, room selection, transfers, swaps, mass communication and many others. The HMS applications integrated with UF Shibboleth for authentication. Integrated seamlessly with external services (UF data warehouse, eMarket payment processing, bursar payment processing) and also provides data services to various departments within the division

Youth Conference Registration System

Registration compliance system for university-affiliated youth camps/events/conferences
iService Desk

Staff and Resident ticketing system

Secured interface for submitting work and maintenance orders as well as Help Desk requests, available to our residents and staff
HMS Inventory

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Complete software stack allowing purchasing, inventory management and implementing a full approval chain, developed for assisting our staff in their daily purchases for various maintenance, renovation, and facilities management purchases, while improving the workflow, reducing approval time from an average of one day to an average of one hour and providing full lifecycle tracking for inventory items
HMS Reimbursements

Reimbursements Management Workflows

Allows staff to submit reimbursements requests which are then sent for approval using the approval chain. Managers and accounting staff approve/deny requests and can request more information/clarifications. Automatic email notifications are sent throughout the process.

Personnel Management System

In-House software allowing employee management (hiring, termination, transfer), payroll, budgeting reports. Other applications were integrated with the HR application for determining chain of approval, employee status and roles
Emergency Ticket Management

Emergency Ticket Management

Allows staff to handle after-hours emergencies for custodial, maintenance and IT infrastructure related issues, and provides automated notifications on status changes and helps manage on-call personnel.
HMS Training

Staff Training Module

A web-based application for managing/tracking staff training, define recurring training and sessions, send email reminders, and perform swipe based course check-in. Also allows employees to sign up for training, and review their training on file. Allows managers to monitor and track their team’s training status.

Legal Service - Student Groups Case Management

A web-application enabling student groups to submit a case to legal services. Complete back office case management, tracking, statistics, document management and email notifications.


BFITR started as a “pandemic” passion project, combining my love of programming and fitness. It has evolved into a fully featured tool, now available in both Google Play and Apple Store.

Take control of your workouts and nutrition with BFITR. BFITR Supports versatile workouts (weight lifting, HIIT, Tabata, crosstraining/CrossFit) and hundreds of activities. With access to a food database of over 300 thousand food items, it is easy to track your macros and calories daily. Add your favorite food items, scan food barcodes or get the nutritional information of your favorite recipe.

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