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Lucian Badea

IT Professional and Photographer from Gainesville, Florida

Left brain:

Passionate about process analysis and improvement, system and database architecture, database development and design, database tuning and software development. Always working on a side project and learning something new every day. Enjoying the company of smart people working together towards something bigger then themselves.

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Right brain:

I have a strong passion for photography. I am the owner and operator of PhotoTale Studio: servicing people in the Gainesville, Florida area and the vecinity, specializing in portrait, glamour, family, couples and children photography

I am also very found of landscape and fine art photography and, for that purpose I am operating ArsPhotographics: Landscapes, Florida landscapes and Fine Art Photography by photographer Lucian Badea in Gainesville, Florida


Lucian Badea

IT Consulting Services

offered consulting services

I am available to kickstart your business/project by sharing my expertise in

Database architecture and design, SQL tuning
Database Development
Database development, Oracle PL/SQL (functions, procedures, packages, scheduled jobs, triggers, views, materialized views and replication, Oracle advanced queueing), mySql (queries, views, procedures, functions, triggers, events)
Apache and nGinx instalations and configuration, SSL instalation, website optimization
Amazon Web Services
EC2, Amazon RDS, Elastic Balancer, Beanstalk, Open Works, S3, Glacier, etc
VPS environment
VPS setup (Amazon, Linode, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc)
Website Development
Personal websites, small business websites, photography websites, e-commerce capable
Contact me to discuss your project details and the hourly rate.

Technical Skills

i can say i'm quite good at


Oracle SQL and pl/sql, mysql, database tuning and design

Sys. Architecture

Designing performant and scalable solutions


Managing software devlopment teams

UI Design

Designing efficient and minimalistic user interfaces

Requirements Gathering

Working with SMEs and users to gather requirements

HTMLS / CSS3/ jQuery

Developing responsive web applications


Developing responsive web applications

C++ / Java / PHP

Developed applications using different stacks

Apache, NGinx, Tomcat, ssl

Setting up and tuning various web servers

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, Glacier, OpWorks

Various Linux Flavours

Amazon Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL5, Suse

Mobile Development

Titanium Framework, HTML5, JQuery Mobile

Work Experience

previous Work Experience


University of Florida

Business Applications Manager
  • Managed the Application Development Team at DOHRE (Department of Housing and Residence Education
  • Provided software solutions and technology to support the achievement of business goals
  • Mapped business workflows and processes, identified inefficiencies and bottlenecks, developed improvements and performance enhancements
  • Suggested system architecture solutions and made system architecture decisions
  • Mediated and maintained communication with SMEs, lead requirements gathering meetings, performed LEAN process analysis
  • Developed screen prototypes, use cases and flow diagrams
  • Set software development standards and UI standards
  • Provided Oracle technical expertise for other team members
  • Supervised the data migration team

The application development team handled new development in Oracle PL/SQL, SQL and Apex, implemented new Sharepoint projects, maintained and improved the DB2+AS400 legacy systems, maintained and updated the JBoss/Struts/J2EE + DB2 and MySql Housing Portal

Completed Projects
  • HMS (Housing Management System) Software application replacing a 20+ year old legacy system, with over 80+ modules, the core of the housing operation. Including billing, payment processing, mobile components, housing inventory management, assignment, room selection and many others.
  • Purchasing Software: Software that allows staff to create purchas requests, implements the approval workflow, tracks, creates statistics and enables tracebility.
  • OYCS (Office of Youth and Conference Services) Registration system for camps/events/conferences and other programs affiliated with University of Florida. Including invoicing capabilities
  • iService Desk Secured interface for submitting work and maintenance orders as well as Help Desk requests
June 2004
November 2011

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers

Software Developer

  • Developed, designed and implemented IBBIS (Integrated Blood Banking Information Services), an FDA approved (510K) in-house software system, in a highly regulated industry, using Oracle (10-11g r2), PL/SQL, MFC, C++, OCCI, Java Tapestry and php
  • Implemented, upgraded and maintained document imaging and storing solutions using Windows services and CAS programming for EMC Centera
  • Maintained, upgraded a replication/synchronization mechanism using Oracle materialized views for over 50 fixed sites and 100 mobile stations
  • Developed Windows dialog based application, wizards, controls and services using MFC and C++
  • Maintained, upgraded and resolved defects for the legacy codebase
  • Designed and implemented interfaces for accessing legacy data and integrating with newly developed software
  • Designed, modeled and participated in architecting new database schemas
  • Provided support for QA, Validation and Training teams
  • Provided training for new developers joining the team
  • Assisted in setting coding standards and best practices
  • Implemented deployment packages for system-wide software upgrades
  • Implemented web-based reports
  • Interacted with end users for gathering feedback and new requirements; analyzed current workflow for potential improvements and new development opportunities
  • Participated in code reviews
  • Database unit testing using SQLUnit
  • General PL/SQL Development( packages, functions, procedures, triggers, views, oracle queues, dynamic SQL, scheduled jobs)
  • Requirements elicitation and analysis
  • Version control ( ClearCase ), Defect Tracking ( ClearQuest )
  • Rational Unified Process


British American Tobacco, Bucharest, Romania

Database Administrator

  • Administered British American Tobaccos Oracle Database ( Oracle 9i )
  • Analyzed and tuned SQL queries
  • Analyzed and improved system performance
  • Performed daily data imports from mobile sites, analyzed and maintained data integrity
  • Assisted the reporting team in designing and implemented new management reports



May, 2004

Master of Science

Computer Sciences and Engineering

University of Florida

July 2000

Bachelor of Science

Computer Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania

Photography and Post-Processing Skills

i can say i'm also quite good at


Portrait Photography and Seniorology

Chidren and Family

Catching unique moments that you and your family will cherish

Landscape Photography

Capturing the beauty of what surrounds us


Photoshop, Perfect Photo Suite, nik Color Efex Pro


Creating perfection while maintaining realism

Timely Delivery

CYou will not wait weeks for you photos


showcase of my latest works

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Gainesville, Florida USA

+1 352 327 8313



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